New Features! New Reviews!

As usual, I’m posting this in the knowledge that the update is only half finished. But there’s some really good stuff in there already, so I couldn’t resist.

A period of transition

Helen G considers why some feminists are hostile to transgender women

Against censorship

Porn should be reformed, not banned, argues Laurie Penny

Glamour models made me sick

Lads’ mags are responsible for my eating disorder, says Hannah Whittaker

Miss LSE or Miss-ogyny?

Antonia Strachey explains why she took part in a protest against a beauty contest for students at the London School of Economics

It’s So You

Love clothes, but not in a ‘Vogue’ way? This collection of essays on expressing identity through fashion could be for you, says Jess McCabe

What not to watch

A recent episode of Trinny and Susannah’s latest makeover show suggested that women choose to work in supermarkets to hide in the frumpy uniforms. Alexandra M Kokoli reports [ed: Also note the unbelievable screenshot from the show’s ITV website]

Photo by Cross-stitch ninja, shared under a Creative Commons license