Inside the mind

The image below was posted over at denchaoot, and claims to illustrate the intricate differences between male and female thought processes:

description of photo

What bothers me most here is not that John and Jane are both dressed for a funeral, nor the fact that they both seem to be drinking from a flower vase. I can even overlook the fact that something seems to be touching between the table legs, and I can’t quite figure out what it is. No, what concerns me most is that the woman allegedly doesn’t think about sex. Never. No, not at all. Unless, of course, the the flashing pussy cat is some thickly veiled reference to her lady parts, and her need to “get some,” although I doubt it – I’ll concede when maybe I’m reading too much into something. Nevertheless, it is quite funny, even if it does consolidate reduntant preconceptions about the sexes.

On a completely different not, I’d like to say Happy New Year everyone!x