Last Chance to Listen: Chivalry Debate on R5

It looks like the internet archive for the Richard Bacon show on Radio Five Live only goes back a week so click here now if you want to check out Kate Smurthwaite in last week’s discussion on chivalry.

Also speaking are Ladette to Lady‘s Liz Brewer (churning out classics such as “women always say the opposite of what they mean” and paying lip service to an egalitarian approach to dinner whilst being seemingly unable to accept that a woman might pay on the first date), Will Hodgkinson (following on from his rather stylish retro spin on the topic in Vogue recently) and Chi Chi Izundu (saying she is less likely to be “lippy” if her boyfriend behaves chivalrously and that women are “more sarcastic” and “lippy” in general now).

Nick Wallis is hosting while Richard Bacon is away.

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