Random Acts of Feminism

Head over to the Guardian today for a fab article by Wendy Roby about how we can improve the state of the world with “Random Acts of Feminism” (Roby’s capitalisation!)

A subversion of Professor Chuck Wall’s schmaltzy but ultimately rather nice Random Acts of Kindness idea, Random Acts of Feminism seeks to promote women’s rights with very simple, easy acts that anyone can find time to do. Suggestions have been sent in by women’s page readers, in addition to Roby’s original ideas.

My personal favourite is for dealing with lad’s mags:

Arm yourself with some Post-it notes pre-inscribed with wry, thoughtful lines – “Real Men Buy Books”, for example. Or draw a speech bubble ready to animate one of the pouting cover girls. It might say, “I am somebody’s sister”, or “Despite my come-hither expression, I wouldn’t shag a Nuts reader for a million pounds”.

Special mentions must also go to the idea of using the word “Clarkson” as an expletive, and to the woman who decorated a Rapunzel doll in a toy shop with the sign: “Please let me out – I gotta get to work!”