Selling toy irons to girls

I happened to be in M&S today and spotted this pink toy iron on sale:


And, yes, that is a toy kettle and toy toaster you see next to it.

Here’s the blurb from the website:

You little angel will be able do the ironing just like Mummy and Daddy with this adorbale toy iron. And with the hangers included she can keep them neat and tidy too

So, M&S is ‘progressive’ enough to suggest that fathers may also occasionally pick up an iron, but certainly doesn’t expect boys to want to play with one. You might be interested to know that the iron is listed under “activity toys” on the website, along with the “Daddy and Me” chainsaw.

Boys are directed to play at complex mechanical tasks like, say, building a bulldozer, while girls get make your own bangles.

Is this 2008 or 1958?