The Booby Wall

Canadian-based chartiy Rethink Breast Cancer has initiated a new campaign to encourage women to pay attention to their chests – the Booby Wall!

Women are encouraged to take photographs of their breasts either using Booby Booths, based in Canada, or uploading photographs online. This new initiative aims to familiarise women with their breasts, making it possible to detect abnormalities as soon as they occur.

This is an excellent idea, and the fact women are able to remain anonymous when they participate means that shyness will not be a huge barrier to stopping women checking themselves regularly. I think the UK would benefit from the implementation of a similar initiative. Lawrence Barraclough did something similar earlier this year, when he encouraged men to “Snap their Chap” and speak about their genitalia more openly. We all have rude bits, so why not natter about them from time to time?eh?

So, as the slogan goes, show your breasts some TLC – Touch, Look, Care.

Photo by oceanoaloha, shared under a Creative Common’s License