Bitch interview with Michelle Tea

Bitch Magazine has posted an old interview with Michelle Tea, author of an improbable number of autobiographies for one her age (28 at the time).

This comes from Bitch’s archives, which the magazine is quickly putting up on its brand-spanking-new website.

Anyway, although Tea has written lots of autobiographies, this is really because lots of interesting stuff has happened to her, and they are all brilliant in my view – particularly Valencia.

This interview asks her lots of questions about the experience of perpetually writing about your own life:

I’ve found that most people are kind of in love with the idea of being written about—initially anyway, before the reality of their lives via my perspective is put into print. My last girlfriend ordered me, as part of our break-up terms, not to write anything about her, ever. My current girlfriend really wants me to write about her, anything. Even awful things. She’s shameless, it’s really great. I think many of my friends have felt slighted when I don’t write about them.