Clothing – forward thinking and retrograde

closets of clothesLets start with the negative shall we? New Zealander Karen Walker has received rave reviews for her collection of clothes for adult women based on childswear and dolls’ clothes. And Edwardian childswear and dolls’ clothes at that. Edwardian times being that haven of women’s free expression and equality. Apparently frills, pin-tucks, lace and mini-coats are the basis of the collection. ‘Cuse me whilst I find that internal organ shifting corset and practice my fainting.

Happily Spain has taken an absolutely opposite approach. Following on its decision to ban super-thin models from its Fashion Week shows and its clothing retail industry agreeing to use mannequins which are at least a size 10*, Spain has now done body mapping of 10,415 women to establish a decent and standard sizing system. The idea is that clothing should have three different measurements (bust, waist and hips) to ensure good fit.

Nearly half the women who took part said they regularly have trouble finding clothes to fit them. And most of that problem was that clothing tended to be too small. The new standardized clothing system will be phased in over the next two years and Spain is the first country to see a standardized system.

* I am more than aware this isn’t an amazing leap forward but every little helps – previously stores were using size 6 mannequins….

Image Shared under Creative Commons licence by Melilotus