How to hire a classy hooker, for tech men

One of the top 100 technology news sites has posted step-by-step instructions for Silicon Valley workers, titled “how do I get a Stanford girl to blow me?”

The post at ValleyWag is full of lovely tips on hiring a ‘better’ class of prostitute!

Forty bucks and a car with a front seat can get you sucked off. But you want someone … nice. Pretty. “Classy.” Innocent enough. You’re a tech guy. You want a Stanford girl.

And people wonder why tech jobs are dominated by men, eh?*

As a sidenote, in among the offensive comments about prostitutes on craigslist are too “ghetto”, there was this gem:

As much as we’ve critiqued Jezebel in the past, I love that people even see them as a blog which can turn its (feminist?) focus on something like this post and mobilise 200 protesting commenters.

*Note: I am aware this post was written by a woman.