Map of Gaps in Violence Against Women Services

map the gapsEVAW (End Violence Against Women) has produced a lovely set of pictoral representations of where services for women experiencing violence against women are lacking (and good). Here are some of their findings…

  • A third of local authorities in the UK have no specialised support services
  • Most women in the UK have no access to a Rape Crisis Centre
  • Less than one in ten local authorities have specialist services for ethnic minority women that would address forced marriage, female genital mutilation and crimes in the name of honour amongst other issues.
  • A very small proportion of the UK is covered by existing Sexual Assault Referral Centres
  • Almost one third of local authorities have no domestic violence services.
  • Fewer than 1 in 10 local authorities have services for women in prostitution.


Five areas come part particularly badly: The East of England; London; Northern Ireland;

the North West; and the South East. For more see the report.