“Men Should be Obsessed with Success” Says Lad Mag “King”

Here’s what the former Maxim and Men’s Health Editor, Greg Gutfeld has to say about his part in the latter’s promotion of male fitness (in the superficial sense as well as the health-related one):

I’m culpable for this horrible phenomenon… It’s turned men into women. Men are now thoroughly obsessed with their bodies when they should be obsessed with being successful. Men who spend too much time in the gym have less time to live their lives and meet people. When I lived in London, I’d be on the way to the gym and pass pubs with hundreds of guys outside having fun. So, I went to the pub instead.

So there you have it. Men ought to be doing better things with their time than obsessing over how they look. Men should be obsessed with being successful and, even if they’re not doing that, they should at least be having fun with The Guys. Meanwhile, we women are obviously obsessed with our bodies. That’s just a given.

Okay, so “two wrongs don’t make a right” but it doesn’t seem like Greg has too much of a problem with Wrong Number One. Of course, this is because of the underlying implication that women being body-obsessed is just The Way Things Are or part of female “nature.” However, when men start to suffer from body anxiety, Gutfeld can suddenly see the error of his ways and admit his own part in the matter. Funny, that.

Still, it makes you think doesn’t it? Every second counts and this is our time too, right?

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