More Hillary bashing

In case anyone thought Jess was exaggerating claims of misogyny fuelling the anti-Hillary campaign in the US, here’s a recent image snapped at the Conservative Political Action Conference (originally from here):


I stumbled across this in a post by Jeff Fecke over at Shakesville. “Bitch” is a word long associated with misogyy and woman-hating. I’ve had some interesting discussions with other feminists as to whether it is a word which can be reclaimed by women or whether it is beyond redemption, but there’s no doubt that in this context it has pretty spiteful meaning and intent. As Jeff says, the addition of the “Bitch” at the bottom:

‘changes the meaning completely, from “I oppose Hillary Clinton’s position that we need more societal involvement with regard to child-rearing” to “I am a misogynistic douchebag who is really afraid of women in power’

Whilst I’m on the subject, Shakesville is a blog I’m only just discovering but already loving. I found it via one of their contributors, Kate Harding (of Shapely Prose fame), with whom I’m rarely in disagreement. Check them out.