Photos of the picket to support SBS

Photos of the protest against an Ealing Council decision that puts Southall Black Sisters’ funding in jeopardy are up now at Pickled Politics.

Sunny says around 100 people, mostly women, attended the protest, and he also has a post up about the wider issue of lack of funding for Asian women’s organisations at Comment is Free:

Asian women have thus become political footballs. Everyone is falling over themselves to protect them by banning sharia and railing against forced marriages. In a speech on Tuesday the Tory leader David Cameron again mentioned forced marriages, citing the campaigner Jasvinder Sanghera. And yet her refuge group, Karma Nirvana, set up for women in similar situations who had run away from home, would face funding cuts under Cameron’s regime. Ealing council is Tory controlled.

I also spot a London Feminist Network banner in those photos.