Submit to Spanish photo contest on gender and feminism

photo of graffiti: eres feminista? por que noA Spanish feminist group has set up an online photo contest on the theme of gender and feminism, and is calling for submissions.

Feminism 101 has the full details, but the competition is part of a series of three events organised by Pripublikarrak.

To enter the competition, submit three photos which may or may not form a narrative, on this theme:

We would like to show both real and ideal alternatives, new types of masculinity or femininity (or show the traditional ones) or intermediates options (invented, dreamed longer for etc). Rethinking our gender or genders, our roles, turning them round (and inside out). It also attempts to locate what is masculine or feminine to denounce the stereotyping surrounding roles, the differences in terms of rights between men and women, the myths, and the very varied realities.

Photo by gaelx, shared under a Creative Commons license