Times they are a-changing…

DealershipsAustralian car dealerships have just been given a wake-up call that women are indeed knowledgable customers. An online car magazine asked for women’s experiences of buying a new car and found that a quarter said they were ignored in showrooms, 43% thought sales staff would prefer to deal with a man, 50% said they were treated as if they were completely ignorant and 90% said they were treated differently to male customers.

“Unfortunately it seems that women aren’t given enough credit when it comes to knowing what they want in a vehicle,” www.SheBuys.com.au online automotive editor Lynette Malcolm said.

From Sydney Morning Herald

This is set against the fact that 80% of new car purchases are influences or made by women.

The magazine is now creating a directory of female friendly dealerships across Australia.

Photo shared under Creative Commons Licence by Xrrr