Trail Magazine – Have a Gold Star!


I love Trail Magazine. For a mag all about hiking and clambering up big mountains in the cold and snow (well at this time of the year anyway), it’d be easy for it to slip back into a Wainwright-y attitude and assume its readers were all middle-aged beardy blokes who go out on t’hills leaving ‘the wife’ at home to do the cleaning and cooking.

Yet Trail consistently recognises that women like to get out on the hills too, and includes non-sexist articles, often featuring their female staff like the lovely Claire Maxted. Hurrah.

I was reminded of how much I appreciate it by this month’s letters page which included this little gem:

trail magazine 001.jpg

Trail, you’ve done it again. You made me burst out laughing and reiterated your stance not to fall back on old-fashioned stereotypes. Full marks!