Women’s Parliamentary Radio


A new web radio service has been launched. Women’s Parliamentary Radio aims to be the “Women’s Hour of Westminster”. It aims to report fairly and accurately on policy issues of concern to women and their families, broadcasting interviews with women MPs of all parties and making them available as podcasts.

Women’s Parliamentary Radio makes it case like this:

Women won the right to stand for elections to the Commons in 1918, yet in many constituencies a woman has never been elected. Just 291 women have been elected to the Commons… ever; a mere 6% of all those who have ever sat in the House. The Electoral Reform Society map of Britain shows how great swathes of the country remain no-go areas for women in politics. Others are male-dominated – islands of pink in a sea of blue. It shatters the myth that equality has been achieved.

The Electoral Reform Society’s map Where no Woman Has Gone Before is available here.

Current interviews include (amongst others) Vera Baird MP, on sexual violence and the criminal justice system; Margot Wallstrom, Barbara Duhrkop MEP, and Professor Pippa Norris on representation of women in parliaments; Joan Ruddock MP, on CO2 emissions and Barbara Gorna on Emily Wilding Davison.