Blogger running for office in California

Blogger and journalist Jasmyne Cannick is running for office in California. Specifically, to be a delegate for the Democratic party in the 47th district, which I believe is somewhere in Los Angeles.

This means:

Committee Members play a very important role in helping to elect fair-minded candidates to office, as they are focus on voter outreach to build up the Party and help to elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

Thanks to the magic of Google Analytics, I can tell you that we had about 300 unique visitors from Los Angeles this past month. So for any readers in what I think of as the city of Angel, yeah, this is about voting for Jasmyne. But for everyone else, this post is more about the idea of putting ourselves forward for office as a form of activism.


We’ve had two major marches in London, over the last six months. Feminist groups are picking up all over the country. It does feel like there is a change in the air. But shouldn’t some of that be directed at exactly the sort of thing that Cannick is doing in LA? Putting ourselves forward for elected positions where we can make – albiet incremental – changes?

It’s particularly interesting that Cannick views this is a strategic bid for office, rather than the start of a grand political career:

Now I have no ambitions to serve in public office beyond this capacity. I decided to go for the delegate seat because their role is particularly important in electing fair-minded Democrats to office and that’s something that I am very interested in. Besides, I am always up for a challenge and I think that anyone who has the ambition to seek public office should go for it.

Good for her. Maybe some of our readers here in the UK might consider doing something similar?