helhol_181x240.jpgProperly speaking, Helen doesn’t really need an introduction, as she has been guest blogging for us on an ad hoc basis for a little while now. But we’ve now formalised everything, and you can expect regular contributions from her for the next two months :)

Over to her…

Hello. I’m Helen and I’m delighted to be guest blogging here at The F Word. I’ve been based in London for about 5 years and work in IT support for an Interior Design company. In 2006 I was diagnosed as gender dysphoric and began my transition shortly after. I underwent surgery in Bangkok in 2007 and am happy to say that my gender dissonance is now much reduced. Transitioning has definitely informed my politics, in the areas of gender identity and LGBT issues as well as feminism, and I hope that this interest will be reflected in my posts.