Pre-Easter round up

A university newspaper has been closed down after printing a misogynistic rant that advocated rape, Shameless Magazine tells us. The Oral Otis serves engineering students at the University of Ottawa, and will not be allowed to publish until it comes up with an editorial policy to avoid this:

After counselling men on the biological irrelevance of the female orgasm, the authors offer “tricks that will get her to think twice about finishing faster than a pedophile at a preschool.” They encourage, “jerking off on her after she’s finished: if she doesn’t get the message after the first or second time, she’ll sure get the message when you start aiming for the eyes.” Finally, they recommend anal sex in language that evokes rape. They say: “Don’t stop: Hey, if she’s screaming and moaning in pleasure, just keep thrusting harder and don’t let her get away…remember, you two aren’t finished until you say you are.”

Personally I find it hard to understand why university students need an editorial policy to tell them this is totally offensive and unsuitable for print, but there you go!

A man writes in to the Yahoo advice column with a story about how one of his brothers raped his wife in her sleep. Said advice columnist suggests she must have been lying. Feministing has more.

And talking of “>articles that should never have made it into print.

Broadsheet tackles an article on ‘urbane tomboys’ in the New York Observer:

They recast “femininity as something you can take off and put on again: an optional, mildly silly act that certainly seems to excite everyone but that one needn’t always make time for.” (If this concept of femininity as performance seems shiny and new, try Googling “Judith Butler.”) In other words, they only occasionally give in and throw on a dress to impress a boy. But when they do cave, they recognize it as a silly act (unlike most women), and don’t need to constantly perform for men (unlike most women).

‘Out on the Stoop’ vlogger Gena Haskett continues her series ‘prelude letter to my body’ with some thoughts about her hair:

Even when you think you have it mental worked out sometimes you slip up. It happened to me. This is my testimony.

The gender pay gap triples after the age of 30, posts Feminist Philosophers.

Carmen, Latoya and Wendi from Racialicious will appear in person at a conference called ‘Women, Action & the Media’ in Cambridge, MA. And meanwhile over at Race in the Workplace, another of Carmen’s many blogs, this post about how much money discrimination costs:

An African American partner from a prestigious international law firm was sitting in a conference room prior to a negotiation that would determine whether her client’s corporation would emerge victorious in a multi-billion-dollar acquisition. The lawyer for the target company arrived and asked her to make copies, assuming she was a secretary or paralegal. She made the copies, reviewing the documents her opposing counsel was bringing to the negotiation. She then introduced herself and took the lead in the meeting. She later charged him the appropriate portion of her $800-per-hour billing rate for the photocopying time.

And, finally, a bit of good news – according to this press release, special courts set up to deal with domestic violence cases are reporting a 70% success rate with prosecutions.

And you can buy tickets for the London Rollergirls’ next bout here!