SBS picket called off – cancel your trip to Ealing!

Southall Black Sisters has cancelled a picket planned for tomorrow, to protest a council decision likely to see it lose out on funding.

Rahila Gupta from SBS said in a message sent out to the Facebook group:

We are NOT holding the picket on Tuesday because the council has given us a 2 month reprieve.

The interviewing panels are unable to come to a decision between the four bidders. We can only assume that we were so good, in terms of scoring, that we may be at the top but of course we don’t meet all the council’s criteria, i.e. we are not prepared to provide a service a borough wide service for that sum of money and they may be worried that we will want to scrutinise their decision making process.

[At the moment,] we don’t know what’s going on. We are also going to judicial review.


We will keep you abreast of how this unfolds!!

Excellent news. Hopefully the council will see the light. Wouldn’t it be great if that came in the form of extra funding, to pay both for the services SBS currently provides, and for serving the needs of the rest of the borough as well.