What it’s really like to be fat…

The Guardian published an article over the weekend on one woman’s experiences of what it’s like to be fat. It contained this vignette:

We were on the ferry, returning from a break in Ireland, queueing for food. When I saw my husband’s fish and chips, I decided I fancied some, too. But instead of the generous portion Evan received, I got a handful of chips and a piece of fish half the size. I didn’t put the plate on my tray because I assumed the man at the counter hadn’t finished dishing up. But instead of supplementing my chips, he told me, in an “all mates together” kind of way, that I shouldn’t expect any more, as, by the looks of things, I’d had quite enough already. As those waiting to be served looked on with interest, I stood rooted to the spot, red-faced and deeply humiliated.

From The Guardian

The writer has since had gastric surgery and has lost 10 stone in weight. However it highlights for me that the man behind the counter (a rarity in itself) would probably never have dared make the same comment to a man. But policing women’s eating and body image is considered a neighbourhood watch!