Women organising around rape…

Two quick news items on this….

Constance McCullagh has written in the New Statesman about her experience of using Rape Crisis 20 years ago and her concerns about women (and men) who need the service now.

From The New Statesman

Meanwhile over in Australia there is concern that women in rural communities who have been raped are being threatened into silence because of their isolation. Rape Crisis in New South Wales is now operating a mobile rape crisis service from a van. Teagan Wagner, a survivor of gang rape at age 14 says:

“I’m in direct contact with victims and I’m very concerned that we start reaching out to the rural community,” she said.”The girls are telling me they don’t know that there are services available for them in their country towns. I’m hoping that the result will be more girls coming forward because they will know they are not alone.”

The Rape Crisis Centre is working with rural police, support services and women’s refuges through its “Van Against Violence Project”.

From The Daily Telegraph, Australia