57th Carnival of Feminists out now!

The latest Carnival of Feminists is up over at pandemian’s place.

As usual, there’s lots to get your teeth into – including a couple of links to The F Word.

Also check out the International Carnival of Pozitivities at mshairi, a collection of posts and writing by people affected by HIV/Aids. (Via Women’s Health News)

And, via Zenobia, we learn that the Angry Black Woman is running a Carnival of Allies:

I’m talking about any and every type. PoC can be (and should be) allies to other PoC, or to LGBTQ people if they are straight, or any number of other combinations. If you feel like you’re an ally and have something to say about that, you should submit to this carnival.

Photo of kitten interrupting reading of The F-Word shared under a Creative Commons license