Latest Carnival Against Sexual Violence out now

The 45th Carnival Against Sexual Violence is up at abyss2hope.

As usual, the carnival includes lots of brilliant posts. One of the highlights is this post by Raving Black Lunatic, partly about the difficulty he has as a man, to truely understand the threat of rape. But it’s also a bit of a call to arms:

The media can pressure Hillary to release her tax records and schedule, but they cannot force the Pentagon to keep accurate statistics on how many women have been raped in Iraq? Media hordes can descend on Trinity United Church of Christ but they can’t follow up on the fact that the overwhelming majority of reported military rapes do not even result in arrest?

While we get our daily dose of drivel, a female soldier in Iraq is pissing on herself because she’s scared to walk to the latrines alone.

Where is our anger, where are our priorities?

Also check out this post about how statutory rape laws sometimes carry exceptions for teenagers who are under the age of consent, but in a consensual relationship with someone their own age – but these protections from prosecution are limited to heterosexual sex.