Party at the womyn’s space

[UPDATE: I neglected to mention the drag and knicker making(!) workshops going on during the day before the party. Sounds like fun. Here’s the full details:

Saturday 12th April:

Knicker Making Workshop

12pm – 5pm, Saturday 12th April, at the women’s space, 4a Corbridge Crescent, off Mare Street, Hackney E2.

Materials (please bring as much of this as you can, some things we can share, some things we can bring spares of): for the 1st part, making the pattern, you need big sheets of paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, set square, sellotape,paper scissors and a tape measure.

for the 2nd part, making your knickers, you need stretchy fabric (wide enough to go around your hips and long enough to go through your legs), fabric scissors, needle and thread, and whatever ribbons, fabric paint, applique, dead frogs, frills, or other trimmings you want to decorate them with.

Drag Workshop:


Drag Kings, Drag Queens, FTF, cross-species, anything in between!

Materials:Clothes of all kinds dresses, shoes, suits etc – dress up as whatever you want, for Drag Kinging make sure shirts are not tailored at the waist and that the trousers sit on the hipbones, rather than up. wide clothes make sense.It would be good if everyone could bring a make up brush and scissors,Also 1-3 condoms (don’t ask, but it’ll be fun) If anyone has any artificial hair and mastix (theatrical glue) please bring too.If ppl want to bind away their breasts they will need wide elastic bandages, strong ones. Make up. Props and costumes of all kinds.

The squatted womyn’s space in Hackney is holding a party; it won’t be there much longer, so take advantage while you still can!

And here’s the latest timetable. No welding this week, alas.


*Collective Meeting on Monday 7th April @ 7pm*


*Cafe and Kids space 3pm – 9pm

*Practical Herbal Skillshare 4pm – 6pm (see post below for details)


*Stencil making 4pm – 8pm

(please bring own scalpel and acetate/cardboard if

you can)

*Women’s Direct Action group 6pm

*Feminist Singing 8-10pm **Until 9th April**


*Cafe and Kids space 3pm – 9pm

*Photoshop and software share workshop 4pm – 6.30pm

– bring own laptop if possible! But come anyways :)

mail: [email protected]


Bar from 7pm



*MEETING AT 6PM Contact wominspace for details