Harnessing the power of the sun/catastrophic climate change/women’s bodies to advertise bras?

solar braBra-maker Triumph International is “demonstrating” the solar-powered bra. By “demonstrating”, of course I mean “shamelessly hopping on the green bandwagon for PR, because bras are worn under clothing and therefore not actually good collectors of sunlight” – as Treehugger and, well, even Triumph point out.

Those weird little plastic pockets? Beverage containers. Yes, this is the lingerie equivalent to a beer hat. Are they meant to go on the other side of the cup?!

So… what is the point of this? You’d think the idea is was to promote Triumph – and yet… doesn’t the contraption look sort of awful? Maybe it’s meant to convey “this company is silly and quirky, and doesn’t take itself seriously”. I’m just confused. I guess any excuse to parade around scantily clad models? Women’s bodies selling green initiatives, green initiatives selling lingerie?