Cartoon special…

Glass half full?

A woman and man sit at a table over wine. The man says: 'The trouble with you is that you see your glass as half empty and I see mine as half full.' The woman replies: 'So you don't want any more wine, then?'

Blind date

A man asks a woman: 'How would you describe your politics?' She reples: 'I 'spose I'd call myself a socialist feminist.' In the next panel, she's on her own. She says: 'He's a long time in the loo?'

Man’s best friend

A man says to a woman: 'You're not just my wife - you're my best friend. In a thought bubble, she imagines herself with the body of a dog, being patted on the head by her husband, who says 'Be a good girl and I'll empty the bins.'

No boyfriend here

A woman in a stripy top says to herself: 'I know the clock's ticking, but I don't want interrupted sleep, depression, stress, no me-time...' In a second panel, she turns to her cat and says: 'I just don't want a boyfriend.' The rather large cat thinks: 'Good!'

Coming from a political background, Yvonne Howard has always been a fighter against injustice. She set up a Schools Action Union against the “dictatorship of the head” which almost got her expelled, an anti-Nazi league group at college and has been involved in various women’s groups. For many years she worked for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and is nowteaching adult literacy and English for speakers of other languages. Being acutely aware of the terrible things governments and individuals inflict on each other and having a sense of humour has kept her sane. She also thinks humour is a way of stopping

people nodding off when you’re spouting radical politics!

Favourite cartoonist – Jacky Fleming

Favourites stand-up – Jo Brand

Favourite magazine -The F-Word

Main inspiration for my cartoons – men!