UN radio may scrap ‘Women’ programme

The United Nations’ radio service may axe its ‘Women’ programme, we learn from WIMN’s Voices.

Yeah, I had no idea the UN had a radio service either, but they do, and a cursory glance shows they cover some key ground – recently looking at range of ways African women living overseas support their families back in their home countries, interviewing the only woman on the security council – she represents Croatia and profiling Lydia Cacho Ribeiro – the Mexican journalist who recently won the World Press Freedom award for her coverage of corruption, organised crime and domestic violence.

Ammu at WIMN’s Voices calls on us to write to the UN to express support for the programme – the details you need:

Diane Bailey

Chief, English Language Unit

United Nations Radio

United Nations, Room S-850F

New York, NY 10017

[email protected]

Photo by Jordan Lewin, shared under a Creative Commons license