Action alert: email Virgin to protest deportations

Virgin Nigeria planeKemi Ayinde was trafficked to the UK seven years ago, where she was forced into prostitution. She faces deportation to Nigeria, with her 18 month old daughter and partner. She is five months pregnant. Bridget O’Koro came to the UK from Nigeria to escape persecution after she had a relationship with a man who was not a Muslim, and not a member of her Hausa tribe – when she became pregnant and was threatened with murder. She faces deportion, with her daughter Osaivibie, on Saturday.

This is a call to get in touch with both the Home Office and Virgin to ask them not to deport these women – both victims of violence against women.

Unity Centre Glasgow and Pickled Politics have more information on Bridget and Osaivibie’s case – best to check the Unity website for the latest information, but at the moment they are scheduled to fly out tomorrow at 10:30pm. Phoning and faxing Virgin and the Home Office may help prevent this happening.

Meanwhile, one attempt to deport Kemi and her family has already failed this week, after British Airways refused to take them. But now the Home Office has arranged for Virgin Nigeria to fly them to Nigeria on Tuesday 8 July, on flight vk292 from Gatwick North Terminal.

No Borders Wales urges us to contact Virgin Nigeria to raise your concerns that Kemi isn’t fit to fly and the family have not had their malaria immunisation. The number is 0844 412 1788, or email [email protected]

You can also fax the Home Secretary:

Jacqui Smith,

Secretary of State for the Home Office, including the HO Ref S1387236.

Fax: 020 7035 0900

from outside the UK +44 20 7035 0900

Email: [email protected]

Photo by Eric Bégin, shared under a Creative Commons license