ICC Indites Al Bashir – charges include sexual violence and rape in Darfur

Sudan’s president Omar Al Bashir has been indited for genocide by the International Criminal Court for the crimes in Darfur including the murder of hundreds and thousands of people and the sexual abuse a systematic rape of women and children.

His response, according to Avaaz, is to threaten more violence against Darfurians and the UN. In response Avaaz is attempting a press campaign in neighbouring countries to organise people to pressure their governments to not do business with Al Bashir and to hand him over to the ICC if he travels outside of Sudan.

To raise awareness of this, Avaaz is launching a large regional ad campaign, urging leaders to help the ICC. Our ads will run in just a few days, and a full page ad in an Egyptian newspaper is just 3000Euros($5000), so we need just 50,000 Euros ($75,000) to get our message across.

You can find out more about Avaaz here