Rounding down to Friday evening

Sudy continues her series of posts about her experiences in the Philippines, this time reflecting on the situation of women who leave the country, often a painful seperation with their family, often combined with abuse in the workplace:

As I learn more about the conditions for women workers in this country, it is impossible to not consider the 3000 workers who leave this country EVERYDAY to find work overseas and help support their families. Much of these jobs are catering to women: domestic workers, caretakers, dancers, and entertainers. These women are subject to every kind of abuse and assault possible, many of them returning to the Philippines in coffins.

Mi blog es tu blog points out that Playboy are inviting votes on “who is the world’s hottest blogger” (only women up for consideration, of course). They will ask the winner to pose. I wonder if they asked the women ‘finalists” permission before posting their photos and asking readers to rank them. Meanwhile, she also considers the outfits worn by Miss Universe contestants from Latin America.

Over at CIF, Bidisha wonders whether Lindsay Lohan coming out will do anything to challenge entrenched homophobia in Hollywood.

To put it bluntly, Lohan and Ronson would effect change only if they actively challenged the status quo in terms of which projects they worked on, who they socialised with, who they worked alongside, which other artists they endorsed and which types of power network they established. That requires solidarity, awareness, commitment and intention – in short, this lesbian love-in will only make a social difference if it’s politicised, feminist, anti-feminine, anti-macho.

Hmm… I’m not going to speculate on the chances of that happening.

Meanwhile, Lesbilicious reports that the Candy Bar here in London has lost its venue.

China’s harassment laws have been used to criminally prosecute a man for the first time since being enacted three years ago, reports The Guardian – an office manager has been sentenced to five years in jail after he propositioned and then sexually assaulted a female colleague.

Li Ying, the deputy director of the Centre for Women’s Law and Legal Services at Peking university, said the number of complaints was increasing as women became more aware of their legal rights.

“This is a global problem, but in China there is not enough approval, understanding and tolerance,” she said.

“There aren’t clear definitions for what sexual harassment is in the court, so when a judgement is being decided it is hard for the judge.”

A tampon holder, created, photographed and shared using a Creative Commons license by TM – the crocheteer!:

Womanist Musings has some thoughts on marginalisation of voices in the feminist blog community, and how it (we) are still not learning the lessons of feminism’s past failures:

Just like any other socially progressive movement, feminism takes work. It means being conscious of not only our own personal deeds and actions, but how they are affected by the world around us. It means owning the fact that each and every one of us daily negotiates multiple sites of oppression and privilege, the two are conjoined and cannot be severed for the sake of convenience and willful avarice.

Via Pickled Politics comes this story: A 79-year-old woman walked up to a Muslim woman wearing a veil in a Tyneside supermarket, and asked her to take it off(!) Then when she didn’t, she ripped it off her face.

Cate, former editor of Dollymix, gives a sneak preview of her new project.

Jezebel continues its extended love letter to Judge Judy.

TransGriot calls attention to another case of a woman being chased out of the women’s loos, and this time being called “it” by hotel staff. This time it was songwriter Tanya White:

“I felt dehumanized, especially because no one ever asked me any questions and never asked for my I.D. To be called “it” and then forced to leave the restroom made me furious,” White says. “I never want to be treated with such disrespect again because of how I choose to dress.”

Meanwhile the Senate has voted to abolish a long-standing ban on people coming to live (or even visit) the US if they are HIV positive.

And, finally, from Queer Fem(me)inist, a cover of Lola by The Raincoats. Also, petition the PM to ask men to change their names on marriage.