‘Pro-feminist’ blogger gets six months, escapes sex offenders registry

Justice for one female student who was assaulted when she was unconscious? Perhaps.

Kyle Payne has been sentenced to six months in prison, for “invasion of privacy”. You’ll remember Payne as the blogger who described himself as a radical feminist, and yet exposed and filmed an unconscious female student. He has avoided charges of sexual assault, but instead “received 360 days, with 180 days suspended on each of two counts of invasion of privacy, a serious misdemeanor charge. He was also given one year of probation on each count. On the charge of 2nd degree attempted burglary, a felony, Payne received an indeterminate term of prison not to exceed five years, with incarceration suspended. He will placed on probation for three years”.

He has also been put on parole for 10 years, under legislation on, as the Iowa Independent puts it, “sexually-related” crimes.

Hoydon About Town has the full details. As Lauredhel says:

We thought that his plea bargain was all about avoiding official “sex offender” registration, and I guess this particular sex offender succeeded in that. I hope, at least, that every rape counselling and women’s assistance service in the country knows his name and face, and knows not to take him on as a “volunteer”.

There are some interesting details about how the feminist blogosphere’s wholesale condemnation of Payne was raised in court, as well.