New feature: Sisters! Some of us are mothers, too!

Mothers’ issues are feminist issues, argues Ruth Moss

Some mothers feel alienated by what they see as “feminism”. They feel that feminism is right in there fighting their corner, until they decide to give birth and raise a child. They feel feminism either has no part in their life until they want to return to the world of paid work, or even actively lets them down (“feminism’s gone too far now I don’t have the option to stay at home with my child/children”).

I think this “feminism” is probably a sort of “straw man”… but I also think that, if this is the case, many feminists have done nothing to dispel this image and have even perpetuated it at times.

Let me explain.

It’s a sad fact that so-called “women’s issues” are often ignored by the mainstream media; pushed into “women’s pages” or at best confined to a small lineage column in the middle pages of the liberal broadsheets. It’s frustrating when so many important issues are passed over isn’t it? Especially when you know they are of the utmost importance to at least half the human race.

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