New feature: What Not To Wear say to your co-worker

How would you feel if you found out the people around you chat about putting you forward for How to Look Good Naked? Kelly Draper knows all too well

“Miss, you know that show with two women?”

This is not my first time having this conversation so I already know where it is heading.

“Which one?”

“Where they tell someone what not to wear.”


“You should go on that.”

My options are laid out in front of me: get angry, tell him off, send him out, get upset.

This is me though, I get asked if I am pregnant at least once a term. (“No, I’m just fat, alright?” I say, with a wink)

“Hey, that’s pretty rude…” I start with.

“No, I mean, you should totally do it. It would be good for you.”

So, I ask the boy why it is important that I look good. He tells me it is so I can get a husband or a boyfriend so that I can have children. After we explore the possibility of adoption as a single woman, he tells me I should look good to feel good about myself.

I said, “I feel good about myself!” while wondering if the past tense would be more appropriate. He gave me the thumbs up.

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