‘Where is feminism now?’ zine calling for submissions

I’m not sure I ‘get’ the title of this conference at the University of Aberdeen: Ending International Feminist Futures? I know it’s an academic event, but still – or perhaps I’m being a bit dense?!

However, the conference itself looks interesting, including topics such as:

women in Hamas

a feminist critique of “peacekeeping”

feminist performances, masculine performances (although, again, the subheading is a bit baffling! “Women Staging Gender as Big Daddy Indian feminism and the politics of memory”)

“the role of heteronormativity in ’young women’s’ relationships with ‘feminism Male escorts, commercial sex, international political economy ”

Even more interesting, and much less baffling, is this invitation to participate in a collaborative zine to feed into the event:

Collaborative Zine

Ending Feminist Futures


artists, writers, bloggers, creatives, academics and poets.


collaborative zine opportunity for visual commentary on “Where is Feminism now” through ideas and debate. Any method accepted: comic strip, manga, photomontage, text, embroidered, diagrams, numerical.

Submissions must be A4 size hard copy or attachment that is prinrtable as A4. Possible topics could be growing up as a girl, consumerism controlling female gender, women and work, women and God, women and vilolence, women and children, women ageing, women and race. This is part of the University of Aberdeen Exhibition forum for the conference ‘Ending Feminist Futures’.


copy of collaborative photocopied Zine will be sent with forwarded address. Part of Art Exhibition forum


for information and brief email Charlie Hackett (c.hackett[at]rgu.ac.uk). Send hard copies of artwork to:

Charlie Hackett, Grays School of Art, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen AB10 7QD. For returns, include your address on the back.

DEADLINE: 2 October.