Women in London: Questionnaire

I originally posted on this subject a few weeks ago, and firstly I would like to once again thank all the women who responded and completed the questionnaire for me. I am very very grateful! I met with the team yesterday (the project manager, and the two women I am co-writing with) and as we want the project to be as representative as possible, the deadline for the completion of these questionnaires has been extended, and I am once again asking if anyone would be possible be interested in completing our questionnaire?

This is a reminder of the original post…

I am involved in a book project about women’s sex lives in London, and we are currently asking women if they could complete quite a candid questionnaire about their intimate schenanigans. It consists of twenty short questions and you can maintain your anonymity if you wish. If you live in London, and think you would have time to do this, please e-mail me and I can send the questions to you straight away and tell you more about it. The only snag is that it needs to be completed as soon as possible, as in over the next couple of days if possible. But as I say, it’s only very short. Both myself and the team I am working with would be very grateful for your help. Hope to hear from you!

I can provide more information about this is you e-mail me using the link above, and it would be grea to hear from you!

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