Feminist Webs: Working With Young Women

A collective based in Manchester have set up the resource site Feminist Webs to facilitate women and girl positive youth work based on “possibility, creation not consumption and participation”, with a focus on women’s rights and experiences. The project is a response to youth groups’ continued focus on traditional “girly” activities such as hair and beauty and to the general marginalisation of young women within youth work and projects:

The increasing emphasis on crime and disorder within youth work has meant that agendas, focus, and inevitably funding is being directed toward work with is diversionary, targeted at young men, and starts from an ideology of ‘prevention’.

In youth work settings, the inevitable dichotomy emerges therefore, of boys at the pool table or playing football, and girls doing make-up or creating raunchy dance routines.

The website includes information on the history of women and girls’ work, how to set up and develop groups for young women and practical exercises and resources to engage young women and girls in feminist and gender politics and help them develop skills in a wide variety of areas.