Glasgow’s Black History Month

bhm.gifThe Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance has put out its programme for Black History Month, which is in October.

Some of the notable bits:

An Evening With Jackie Kay and Suzanne Bonnar – Glasgow Women’s Library are hosting this one.

The award winning author Jackie Kay makes a welcome return to Glasgow Women’s Library to launch her newest work “The Lamplighter” with readings from the play, a Q&A session, and music from the fantastic Suzanne Bonnar.

[EDIT: I just realised this already happened! I’m still including it because it sounds great though]

On 26 October, the Glasgow Women’s Library is also running a tour of the city centre looking at the role of women in the abolition movement:

Join a walking tour round Glasgow City, learn the hidden history about

the presence and contributions of local women and/or families in the abolition movement and fi nd out the history behind some of the buildings that we all know and love.

While this event is free of charge a donation towards the library’s costs would be most appreciated.

(There are a whole series of walking tours looking at Glasgow’s role in the history of the slave trade and abolition.)

On 31 October, there will be a lecture on a similar theme at the National Library of Scotland, titled: “Women on the Platform Mobilising Scotland to end Black Slavery in America (1834-65)”

Radio Awaz is hosting an African Women’s Show, on Saturday 18 October, 10AM-12PM.

On 29 October, there’s a screening of As Old As My Tongue at the Glasgow Film Theatre – a documentary about singer Bi Kidude:

An intimate portrait of living legend Bi Kidude, probably the oldest singer on the world stage today. Her home island of Zanzibar has long been a meeting point for Black African and Arabian infl uence, with the island’s music as its most potent expression. Bi Kidude beguiles audiences wherever she travels but domestically she continually courts controversy, her behaviour challenging preconceptions of the role of women in Muslim society.

As Old As My Tongue reveals the dramatic constraints in the life of this iconic musician and features a classic soundtrack spanning one hundred years of Swahili music.