And some more….

A few more stories….

A US-Iranian student has been arrested for her work on the women’s signature campaign in Iran which aims to change gender discriminatory laws.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has released some interesting reports on child poverty looking at impact on GDP, on personal and social factors and public services. The Government’s review of Sex and Relationship Education is also available for free from here – this is the document that the news has made so much because it suggests the eminently sensible – we need to teach kids about their bodies, their rights and their options from a younger age.

The case in Niger, blogged about here, has delivered it’s verdict and found the Niger Government guilty of failure to protect Hadijatou Mani from slavery. This verdict has implications for Mali, Mauritania and Buerkino Faso and others who continue to allow slavery, sometimes despite legally having abolished it.

Meanwhile on the US election there is this story about the daughter of a slave casting her vote for Obama.

And here is a quick guide to Anarchafeminism.