Fawcett action ideas

In Birmingham:

Are you an ethnic minority woman who isn’t registered to vote? Come join Fawcett’s femocracy campaign this Thursday morning for an event where you can: speak directly to Birmingham’s ethnic minority women councillors and local activists (including Salma Yaqoob), learn about how to influence local decision makers, and plan how to make the changes in the neighbourhood that you’d like to see. 9.30am-2pm (includes lunch!) at the Deaf Cultural Centre. Free, with support available for child care and transport costs. More details here.

All over the country:

Tired of the gender pay gap? Come join Fawcett’s No Pay Day campaign on Thursday 30th October for a day of action wherever you are in the country. Take 1 minue, ten minutes, or several hours to make your voice heard with any of these actions, or come up with your own!

In London:

Concerned about the proliferation of lap dance clubs in the country? Come join Fawcett’s Sexism in the City campaign on Tuesday 4th November for a public meeting on reforming lapdance club licensing, held in partnership with Object. Chaired by Polly Toynbee. 6.30-8.30pm, Portcullis House at Parliament. Register by email.

Photo by ismasans, shared under a Creative Commons license