Photos from bittersweet Abortion Rights protest

Tuesday evening’s protest calling for MPs to pass amendments liberalising the abortion laws and extending them to Northern Ireland carried on, despite the government manipulating the debate so they didn’t even have a chance.

From the BBC:

Labour MP Diane Abbott said the government’s unwillingness to debate the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act, which legalised terminations under certain conditions, to Northern Ireland was “shabby”.

It would leave women there as “second-class citizens”, she added.

The government was happy to allow debates which could have cut the time limit on abortion as low as 12 weeks, but amendments which could have finally got rid of the requirement for two doctors’ permission to get an abortion, and extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland were apparently too risky to consider.

Feeling sold out? Yeah, me too.

I only managed to catch the tail-end of Tuesday’s pro-choice demo, so I didn’t manage to get any decent pictures, but Harpymarx snapped loads!

These are posted with permission: