The Femilist

Feminist voices in the media are often… sparse.

And when journalists do seek comment from feminists, it’s often the same few voices.

Occasional F-Word guest blogger Charlotte Cooper is working on a project which hopes to provide access to a wide range of feminists willing to be quoted.

She’s also running a list of women who are experts in their field, but may or may not want to identify as feminists.

More details:

The Femilist is a new website which aims to connect the media and industry with the best of feminist voices, creating pathways for public speaking, press and many other above board practices. We will be operating through personal submissions, to be listed we require the following information from you



Experience: (Previous press work, public speaking, published articles)

Any Extra Info:

Form of Contact: (email or phone number, this WILL NOT be published online but provided at the Femilist’s discretion)

We also feel it would be helpful to have an image for each speaker, please submit these in jpeg of pdf format.

Alongside the Femilist we will be offering a service that doesn’t identify directly with feminism but will allow for a database of skilled and informed women available to speak on various matters of industry, society, culture and business. Helping to even the playing field generated by years of male dominance in certain areas.

The Femilist is not yet live, but a holding page exists


Best Regards

Charlotte @ The Femilist