A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Christie Elan-Cane’s request for support in per fight for legal and social recognition outside the societal gender system in the UK.

Christie’s now provided an update of per progress:

Working towards non gender-specific legal and social recognition in the UK

I want to thank everybody for an amazing response to my recent online appeal – with special thanks extended to those who took the trouble to share their own stories.

This campaign is just approaching the end of the very beginning, a Presentation Bill to be drafted by Simon Hughes MP is only the start of a massive effort that could take years to achieve very much at all.


What I want to see is an amendment to a gendered legislative and social framework that can exclude and relegate a fellow human being down to the status of non-person on the flawed basis that all members of society should be categorised into either one of two socially permitted gendered roles.

What we can expect from this initiative is that the issue will be placed into political and public consciousness from where work can continue towards achieving the ultimate goal:

Legal and Social Recognition for identities other than male and female, with accordance to equality of treatment under the law, equal access to services as taken for granted by the gendered majority and respect for our fundamental rights as human beings to be able to live openly, without compromise and without fear.


The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.


Christie will continue per campaign even though per has been advised there is little chance that proposed legislation effectively granting non gender-specific legal and social recognition will get through all the hurdles and become an Act of Parliament at the first attempt.

The full text of Christie’s message can be found here