Another round-up

Campaigners in Scotland are concerned that changes to the rape law could backfire, making it more difficult to convict rapists.

Sudy composes a letter to her daughter on the significance of this election.

Via Majikthise, Rachel Maddow points out that long lines to vote effectively constitute a poll tax:

Lucy Mangan at Comment is Free writes about speculation the next Dr Who could be… a woman! Possibly even Billie Piper. Spot the offensive line in this story.

DIVA magazine sidelines bisexual women, notes Saranga.

A film-maker has revisited the documentary about child pagents she made in 1995.

Jennie at Liberal Conspiracy has got this blog reclassified as ‘political’ not ‘general’ on the Wikio rankings! As she points out:

Now, obviously: your site, your rules. This is the way of the internet. But the whole purpose of feminism is to effect political change so that women are treated as equal to men. If that is not political, then (with the greatest of respect to the very gentlemanly gentleman from Wikio, and apologies for my unladylike language) what the blue buggery fuck is?