January at the ICA

London’s Institute of Contemporary Art is showing a some shorts organised by Club des Femmes, a “positive female space for the re-examination of ideas through art”.

Yep, I’m not sure what that means either, or “a much-needed open platform for more radical contextualisation and forward-looking future vision”, but they’re showing two feminist/women-oriented programmes of shorts from the ’60s-’80s on 17 January.

There are more details on their blog about the first, Body of Work: Almost Out, and the second, New Shorts: Femmes Fantastique

The ICA is also screening a preview of Milk, and a series of other films, under the title Destroy every closet door, including a documentary about Harvey Milk made in 1984, and a documentary about the quilt made to memorialise victims of Aids.

Via Spinster Zine