Reclaim the Night Birmingham postponed…

Birmingham Feminists have postponed their planned Reclaim the Night march:

Just a quick post to say that Birmingham Feminists have made the executive decision to postpone our first Reclaim The Night march as we are under prepared at present. We have recently made some great links and this is going to continue in the new year, with networking events being organised in the area. This will help us to gather the resources to organise a march that is worthy to represent the women of the second city.

We’re looking to start the new year with a relaunch of the group, with better organisation and more motivation, and above all more widely open arms to all of the women and pro-feminist men of the West Midlands regardless of experience or knowledge.

We are hoping that with this new, improved Bham Fems, a Reclaim The Night march can be organised either by the summer, or to coincide with the 16 days of action, which starts with RTN London every year.

If you’re in Birmingham, look out for these networking events and updates about Birmingham Feminists, here and on facebook (and on the blog if I update it!), and also keep your eyes open to future independent gigs possibly affiliated with a certain domestic violence campaign group – there have been some email discussions and I’m hoping to really get going on this in the new year. Oh we’re going to be very busy!!