Silent auction sent to tempt!

I can’t pretend it’d be anything but an excessive present to myself to bid in a WOMANKIND auction to win a limited-edition short story written collaboratively by three of the UK’s most talented writers. But let’s just say the words “sorely tempted” and “who can I not get Christmas presents for?!” passed guiltily through my mind.

Jackie Kay, Ali Smith and Jeanette Winterson have written a short story specifically for WOMANKIND, called Grab Pots and Pans and Spoons and Make a Noise.

It’s a silent auction, and only 250 copies have been produced in total. The reserve price for unsigned copies is £35 and for signed copies is £75.

Yes, it’s a lot of money for a short story, but on the other hand it’s raising money for WOMANKIND. Here’s how to participate:

To bid for one or more signed or unsigned copies ― there are only 250 in all ― just follow these steps:

1. Email [email protected], putting auction in the subject header

2. Provide your name, address and telephone number so that we can contact you should you be successful.

3. State whether you are bidding for a signed or an unsigned copy (you can bid for both; if you do, please state how much you wish to bid for each item)

4. State the amount you want to bid (noting the reserve prices listed in the Terms & Conditions below)

Please do not send any money in now.