‘Birds on Bikes’ Night Ride

If cycling Londoners are not too exhausted after the Million Women Rise march and rally, or whatever other International Women’s Day events you might be attending, you might be interested in this night ride:

There will be a Night Ride Event to celebrate International Women’s

Day. Approximately 5 miles long, the ride will incorporate sites of

notable achievements made by women. The start and finish will be at

Trafalgar Square, from 7pm – 9pm, followed by a celebratory social in

a local venue tbc. The ride is free and open to all, with Marshalls

along the course to direct riders. There will be a great festival

atmosphere at Trafalgar Square with stalls and a Dr Bike stand which

will be on hand to guide riders through basic bike maintenance.

Further information may be found here.

(Yes, I think the name of the event’s possibly a bit questionable, but it’s a good idea – also, the photo of the “women’s bike” roadsign is from here)