Friday round-up!

Women over 45 in need of kidney transplants are less likely than men to get one, according to a new study. Cara considers why this might be, over at Feministe.

Melissa at Shakesville does ‘girl math’. And enthuses about Matt Damon’s description of James Bond as “an imperialist, misogynist sociopath”.

Spinster Zine posts the first chapter of King Kong Theory, by French feminist film-maker Virginie Despentes. Sure to prove controversial!

Julie Bindel wrote about “political lesbianism” in the Guardian today, and I’ve posted some thoughts here.

Two Illinois trans women are fighting to get their birth certificates changed, because they went outside the US for surgery. More at Questioning Transphobia.

Men’s Health has put out a series of adverts showing women sweating and exhausted after exercise, with the irritating tagline “It’s all about men”. AfterEllen discusses the issue.

Girls skateboarding in Kabul, via Racialicious.

Sinclair’s hosting the latest Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy. As in previous editions, there’s lots that I don’t agree with politically. But there’s an awful lot to like about this edition. Like this, this for a start!

Finally, I was on Wisconsin Public Radio today! The description is misleading though, we didn’t talk about lipstick at all. I think it should be possible to listen again.